CS 175: Project in AI

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Projects in AI in Minecraft

Instructor: Sameer Singh
Lectures: SSL 140 MWF   10:00-10:50
Course Code: 34230

Office Hours: DBH 4204 (by appointment)
Discussions: None

Campuswire: https://campuswire.com/p/G9BB7820E

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Students in this project class will work in small teams to develop artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms and apply them to problems of their design on the Minecraft video game platform. The problems can include, for example, automated navigation for player agents, planning for gathering items for a recipe, computer vision for understanding the environment, natural language interface, and so on. We anticipate the range of projects to cover a large variety of concepts in machine learning and artificial intelligence such as state space search, planning, constraint satisfaction problems, reinforcement learning, supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and applied ML tasks such as NLP and computer vision. Projects will also utilize the whole pipeline of practical software engineering, such as revision control, issue tracking, maintaining documentation, implementing advanced algorithms, reusing existing software libraries, and documentation, amongst others. 

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