Welcome to the Illuminations Colloquium! This course is a key part of the Chancellor's Arts and Culture Initiative. Through the colloquium, you will have unique opportunities to explore the arts and culture on the UCI campus and at select locations in the region, including Segerstrom Hall, South Coast Rep, and Laguna Art Museum.

You may take Illuminations Colloquium up to 3 times for credit, but it must be in different quarters (Illuminations A / Fall; Illuminations B / Winter; Illuminations C / Spring.)

Course requirements:

1) Attend at least five events. A selection of events are included on the course calendar, BUT you can select ANY EVENTS listed on the Illuminations calendar.

2) Write a brief review of the event (3-5 sentences) in the assignment block (Event 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5). 

3) Due date: It's best to respond within a few days of the event.

4) If you would like to attend an arts or cultural event that is not affiliated with Illuminations, just let me know in advance and you can count this event towards your five events. These can include on-campus and off-campus events.

5) Off campus Illuminations events at Segerstrom Hall, South Coast Rep, and Irvine Barclay Theater: make sure you confirm your rsvp when Debbie Nielsen writes to you.  We pay these institutions for tickets and then distribute them to interested students and staff at UCI. We would like to have as few tickets go unused/ unclaimed as possible.

6) For other events, RSVP's help us keep track of student interest.

7) Please like us on FaceBook and share our events with your friends! Word of mouth is the best publicity.

That's it!! It's easy and fun. There are no class meetings outside of the events themselves. I will be out of town Thursday, April 6, so we will not have an organizational meeting that evening, but I can answer any questions that you have by email, jrlupton@uci.edu.



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