Math 280C Spring 2019

Instructor Contact Information:

Isaac Goldbring

Office: RH 417
Office Hours:  Mondays at 3pm
Office Phone: (949) 824-3792

Course Information:

  • Text: “Mathematical logic and set theory” Notes by D.A. Martin and "Descriptive Set Theory" by Moschovakis.

  • Course Description: We will first cover Section 5 of the Martin notes; this section treats some basic results from Recursion theory.  For the second half of the course, we will then switch over and cover most of Chapters 1 and 2 of the Moschovakis book, which starts with some basic facts on descriptive set theory and then proves some of the basic regularity results about analytic sets. 

  • Alternate references:  For the Recursion theory portion of the course, good alternate references are "Computability theory:  an introduction to recursion theory" by Enderton and "Recursively enumerable sets and degrees" by Soare.  For the descriptive set theory portion of the course, a good alternate is "Classical descriptive set theory'' by A.S. Kechris.
  • Class Meetings: There are three hours of lecture a week: MWF 8-8:50 in RH 440R.

  • Homework: There will be 3 problem sets due in class on the Fridays of Weeks 3, 6, and 9. While there will be around 8-10 problems assigned for each set, I will only grade 4 problems from each set. Each problem will be worth 25 points, making each problem set worth 100 points.  Please type up your solutions to the assignments.  Homework is due during lecture of the day that it is due.  Any homework turned in after lecture will be subject to a late penalty.

  • Final Exam There will be a take-home final exam given to you on the Friday of week 9 in class and due Monday, June 10, by 10am. The final exam will also be worth 100 points.

    Grading Scale:

    97-100 A+

    92-96.9 A

    90-91.9 A-

    87-89.9 B+

    82-86.9 B

    80-81.9 B-

    77-79.9 C+

    72-76.9 C

    70-71.9 C-

    67-69.9 D+

    62-66.9 D

    60-61.9 D-

    < 60 F

    Any curving will take place after the final exam and will be at the discretion of the instructor.

Course Summary:

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