Math 141  Spring 2021

Instructor Contact Information:

Isaac Goldbring

Office Hours: M 8am, W 4pm

Course Information:

  • Text:  Introduction to topology by Gamelin and Greene (Second edition).

  • Course Description: The elements of naive set theory and the basic properties of metric spaces. Introduction to topological properties.

  • Prerequisite: Math 140A.
  • Class Meetings: I will post lectures on YuJa before the scheduled class meeting.  You can access YuJa directly through Canvas. 

  • Discussion Section:  Tuesday and Thursday 11-11:50.  Discussion will be live via Zoom.  Your TA will send you Zoom invitations. Discussion Materials 
  • TA:  David Clausen His email is and his office hours are Tuesday 5-6 and Wednesday 11-12.
  • Office hours:  Office hours will be held digitally using Zoom.
    • An Announcement will be posted on Canvas with instructions for how to join each virtual office hour.
  • HomeworkThere will be 9 homework assignments due during the quarter.  They will be due every Wednesday beginning with Week 2.  Here is a complete list of homework assignments  .  Only 4 problems from each homework assignment will be graded.  The lowest homework score will be dropped.  
    • Homework is to be turned in using the Assignments tab on Canvas.  You must upload a single pdf  of your assignment.
      • The file for your submission must be in the following format:  firstname_lastname_hwX.pdf, where X is the number of the assignment.  For example, the file for my first homework assignment would be isaac_goldbring_hw1.pdf
      • You can submit your assignment any time before 11:59pm on the day that it is due.
      • You can scan your homework using a scanner or a scanning app on your phone.  CamScanner is a good free app to use.
      • Please put your first and last name and the assignment number on all pages of all assignments.
      • To practice, there will be a Homework #0, worth 0 points, due on Wednesday, March 31.  You simply need to write your name and Homework #0 on 2 different pieces of paper and upload them into a single file.
    • I am aware that many of the solutions to the book problems appear at the end of the book.  Try to avoid looking at these solutions as long as possible as struggling with a hard problem aids in understanding.  If you do happen to peek, do not simply copy the solution (which is often a mere hint rather than a full proof) and put the argument into your own words.  Relying too heavily on the solutions in the back of the book will prove detrimental once it is exam time!
  • Midterm exams:  There will be two midterm exams:  one on Monday, April 19 and one on Monday, May 17. 
    • I will post the questions for the exam on Canvas the morning of the exam.
    • As with the homework assignments, you will upload your solutions to the exams using Canvas.  You will have until 11:59pm of that day to turn in your assignment.
    • The format for your file name needs to be firstname_lastname_examX.pdf, where X is the number of the exam.  For example, the file name for my first midterm exam would be isaac_goldbring_exam1.pdf
    • You may consult my video lectures and the textbook during the exam, but you may not consult any other sources.  This includes not looking things up on Google or Wikipedia and not talking to other people about the exam.
  • Final exam:  The final exam will take place on Monday, June 7.  We will follow the same protocol for the final exam as we did for the hour exams, meaning that the questions will be posted that morning and you will have until 11:59pm to upload your solutions.  The format of your final exam upload will be firstname_lastname_final.pdf.  Once again, consulting the lecture videos and the book is fine, but you may not consult any other sources. 

  • Review sessions:  The lecture before each exam will be a review session.  These will take place via Zoom during the scheduled lecture time.  Directions for how to join these review sessions will be posted as an Announcement on Canvas.
  • GrievancesIf you disagree with the way your homework or exams were graded, you must bring your complaint to me or the TA within 1 week or forever hold your peace. Similarly, you must check that your homework and exam scores were input on Canvas correctly; if the grades were input incorrectly, you also have 1 week to report this.
  • Academic Integrity PolicyAll students are expected to complete a course in compliance with the Instructor’s standards. No student shall engage in any activity involving any Academic Integrity Policy Viola- tions. No student shall engage in any activity that involves attempting to receive a grade by means other than honest effort, and shall not aid an- other student who is attempting to do so.
  • Here is a rough schedule for the quarter .
  • Grading Breakdown:
    • Homework:  20%
    • Hour exams:  50% (25% each)
    • Final exam:  30%
  • Ideal Grading Scale:

    97-100 A+

    92-96.9 A

    90-91.9 A-

    87-89.9 B+

    82-86.9 B

    80-81.9 B-

    77-79.9 C+

    72-76.9 C

    70-71.9 C-

    67-69.9 D+

    62-66.9 D

    60-61.9 D-

    60 F

    Any curving will take place after the final exam and will be at the discretion of the instructor.

  • Adapting to remote learning:  We are currently in an exceptional situation where we had to adapt to a new method of teaching and learning with little time to adapt.  This is not the optimal way to teach and learn mathematics, but we all need to do our best to make the most out of this unique situation.  Here are some tips:
    • Communication:  I will do my best to communicate all of the nuances involved in our new situation.  I will try to remind you about things such as how to access the Zoom meetings, how to upload your assignments, etc...
    • Find a (virtual) buddy:  Try to find someone in the class that you can lean on if you are finding difficulty with something.  Maybe they know how to solve your problem or they know someone else who does.  This way, you can email or video chat with them to discuss issues in the course.
    • Patience:  It may take us longer to do things such as grade your assignments or post lectures (maybe due to some technical difficulty).  If things seem like they are taking an unreasonable amount of time, then please contact me or the TA.  In return, we will try to show patience if it is taking you longer than usual to accomplish a task.
    • Don't be afraid to ask:  If you are having trouble with something, do not hesitate to email me or the TA.

Course Summary:

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