Course Syllabus

Course Description

EECS 1 Introduction to Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering (Credit Units: 1)
Introduction to the fields of Electrical and Computer Engineering, including possible careers in both traditional and new emerging areas. Background on the Electrical and Computer Engineering majors at UCI, curriculum requirements, specializations, faculty research interests. Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering majors have first consideration for enrollment. Prerequisites: none (Design Units: 0)

Course Outcomes

  • Students will become familiar with the field of Electrical Engineering (EE), Computer Engineering (CpE), and their various sub-disciplines
  • Students will become familiar with the EE and CpE curricula at UCI
  • Students will write a research area summary on a current Electrical or Computer Engineering topic
  • Students will plan a program of study that meets the university, school and department requirements for graduation

Course Contents

  • Introduction to Electrical Engineering (EE), Computer Engineering (CpE), and their sub-disciplines
  • Overview of EE research on Electronic Circuit Design, RF, Antennas and Microwaves, Semiconductors and Optoelectronics, Communications and DSP
  • Overview about CpE research on Computer Programming, Software Systems, Hardware Systems, and Chip Design
  • Overview of the Senior Design Course

Attendance Policy

For in-classroom lectures, attendance is mandatory. Sign-in sheets will be used.

For online lectures, in lieu of in-class attendance, the course requires viewing the recorded lectures and passing the embedded quizzes.

Grading Policy

The grade is determined by class attendance (live lectures) and quizzes (video lectures), as well as the completion of a short essay and development of an acceptable program of study.

For recorded lectures and embedded quizzes, the passing score for each lecture is 60% of the quizzes for that week. If you have not already done so, you may have to activate your UCI Google Apps and authenticate with your UCInetID before you can access all the video recordings.

It is OK to have one missed lecture or failed quiz without affecting your grade. Every additional missed lecture or failed quiz will result in one letter grade reduction.

Academic Honesty

The complete policy statement on Academic Honesty is published in the UCI Schedule of Classes.

Course Summary:

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