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I hereby write to you about my progress in achieving the objectives of the course. Most of the lessons learned on becoming an effective communicator in written language are depicted in the assignments as well as the writing projects done in class. I got readers to listen and create the eagerness to read my writings by using rhetorical questions to make the reader identify with the reading, as well as using the different senses in my writing to give the reader the exact experience of the situation or event I talk about.

Through the class, I have developed the ability to capture the reader’s attention at the beginning of writing a text by making them identify with it and feel that the content is meant for them. No one wants to listen to stuff they have no clue about where to apply it. By speaking directly to my readers and appealing to their problems, needs, and ideas, I can communicate more effectively and make them eager to hear what I have to say before I say it.

One of the ways that I have found to be effective in creating the much-needed connection with the readers is the use of rhetorical questions. Rhetorical questions keep the readers thinking in a given direction, especially those that tend to be more specific to the audience’s personal experiences. For instance, in my major assignment, you will find these statements at my introductory paragraph “Did you have a time struggling to choose a place to eat after your class since of those multifarious restaurants we have in Irvine? Or did you make it to eat Italian pasta with a genuine and unforgettable flavor?”  These questions take the audience to think about what they wish to go for in terms of foods.

In addition to the use of rhetorical questions, I have also developed the writing skill of including a topic sentence as well as connecting words and phrases in every paragraph of my writing. Topic sentences help create a connection with the reader by acting as the roadmap directing on what the paragraph discusses. They also help readers who like to scan for specific information in the paper know where exactly to find it. Throughout my writings in the course, I have been keen on correctly using topic sentences. An example of a topic sentence I used in my article on Grasp a Taste of Italy in Irvine is “The restaurant is a little bit pricy compared to the school cafeteria.” upon reading this, the reader expects to learn about the pricing in the restaurant. I, therefore, followed this statement with different points illustrating the pricing, as well as supporting arguments of why the restaurant is pricy. Another example from my writing is the topic sentence, “Drag racing can bring us to the point where life and death mixed” found in the essay on Drag Racing. With this statement, the reader expects an explanation as to why drag racing is a near death experience.

I have also acquired and applied the skill of appealing to the senses of the audience when communicating something. This can be done effectively using the correct adjectives and adverbs. Using words that describe the taste, sound, texture, as well as the color, has a significant impact on the way a person connects with the audience. It makes the audience time travel to when the event was taking place and get the experience they missed. I have applied this technique in most of my works throughout the course. A good example is the description of the salads in Spoleto; I give in my major assignment:

In this salad, they have tender chicken breast and chopped bacon. The chicken breast tastes fragrant and soft. The kales are green and fresh. The tomatoes taste super juicy and flavorful. Most of all, they add their special sources to the salads. The source tastes like a mixture of olive oil, vinegar, ranch, and sweet onion. The crispy crunchy makes the salads more enjoyable to eat. You can get free flatbread with the order of salads.

Also, I have developed the ability to appreciate other people’s ideas and apply them in communicating with my audience. Acknowledging other people’s ideas makes them become recognized in the academic field and also encourages research. In all my writings, I have been keen on ensuring that I put correct citations and references of borrowed ideas. This I have been able to do using either paraphrase, where I use my own words to express the ideas, or direct quotes, where I use the other person’s exact words. For instance, here is an example of a paraphrase found in my essay on Drag Racing:” The most exciting aspect of the race is the inclusion of different racers who bring a new challenge to the game. The associated risks are even less considered when it comes to drag racing (Rahim et al 2017, pg. 59-62).” In this case, I use the ideas of Rahim et al. in explaining my point using my own words. This shows my recognition and appreciation of the effort Rahim et al. put in coming up with those ideas.

I have also come to realize that I am highly open-minded and ready to express my ideas regardless of whether others agree with them or not. Usually, my arguments have debatable claims. For instance, in my essay on Drag Racing, I say, “I believe that most of us were influenced since from the first movie of Fast and Furious… We still remember those days when we were children, using our PlayStation and playing Need for Speed at home.” These are my arguments for the background of Drag Racing we all share. This is, however, not a universal ground, thus creating room for argument. But, as you might suggest, I prefer conducting research on the ideas to correctly apply them and ensure that they make sense to me before engaging an audience.

Moreover, I have developed the ability to read intensively and prospectively. I believe that embracing readership is a good way to become a great writer. When I read, especially when I am researching, I am usually specific to the main points or takeaways of the reading. I do not read a text and come out of it empty-handed. I am keen to summarize the main points for easier referencing and as a way of enhancing my understanding of the text. I also believe that active reading, which involves taking short notes is a good way of gaining a clear understanding of the text.

I also embrace the writing process in the development and communication of my ideas. The first step in my writing process is choosing the topic. What I need to write about. I then go through a brainstorming process where I break down the topic into different ideas, which define the structure of my paper from beginning up to the end. After this, I freewrite, which is basically a process of putting content down on paper, without having much thought about it. Here, I do not care much about grammar. However, my freewriting is based on the topic as well as the ideas generated from the topic so that it may produce a rough draft whose ideas flow well. Through freewriting, I realize that I am able to write a lot of content. After the freewriting exercise, I then come back later after some time to read and correct the draft. This takes a while, and I may have to do two or more proofreads depending on the quality of the rough draft.

Additionally, I guide the reader through my work by using subtitles, which group related information together. The use of subtitles, especially in large works makes it easier for the reader to identify the specific information they are looking for. It also makes writing more appealing and organized. For instance, in my article on Grasp a Taste of Italy in Irvine, I have included several subtitles to guide the reader in landing to the specific information they are searching. Assuming that a reader wants to know about the type of salads available in the restaurant, he can go straight to the specific subtopic named “Salad.” This reduces the complexity of the paper and makes it easy to read and understand.

To sum up, I believe that my communication skills have improved a lot throughout this quarter. I have improved in my reading, writing, as well as spoken language. I .am also more effective in communicating my ideas through my writing. Having been able to realize most of the milestones in a timely manner and met the objectives of the course, I am expecting to get at least a C in this class. 

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